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TOXCENTER (Toxicology Center) is a bibliographic database that covers the pharmacological, biochemical, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals.

TOXCENTER is composed of the following file segments:

      ANEUPL   - Aneuploidy File
      BIOSIS   - 1946 to the present
      CAplus   - 1907 to the present
      CIS      - CIS Abstracts -
      CRISP    - Toxicology Research Projects
      DART     - Development and Reproductive Toxicology File
      EMIC     - Environmental Mutagen Information Center File
      EPIDEM   - Epidemiology Information System,
      ETIC     - Environmental Teratology Information Center File
      FEDRIP   - Federal Research in Progress
      HAPAB    - Health Aspects of Pesticides Abstract Bulletin
      HMTC     - Hazardous Materials Technical Center File
      IPA      - 1970 to the present
      ISRCTN   - ISRCTN Register of Clinical Trial Numbers
      MEDLINE  - 1950 to the present
      PESTAB   - Pesticides Abstracts
      PPBIB    - Poisonous Plants Bibliography
      RISKLINE - Swedish National Chemicals Inspecorate
      TSCATS   - Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submissions

File Data

Subject Coverage

TOXCENTER contains references to published material and research in progress in the following areas:


Database Producer

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